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Trixie Snack Hose Tpr Rolled 18 CM

Trixie Snack Hose Tpr Rolled 18 CM

Trixie Snack Hose TPR Rolled up 18 cm
The Trixie Snack-Snake TPR Rolled 18 cm is the ideal toy to offer your dog a playful reward, perfect against boredom!
With this fun Snack snake from Trixie you can combat boredom by rewarding your dog in a playful way. This cheerful snack hose is made of thermoplastic rubber and is open at the bottom. You can put different types of food or snacks in this slit-shaped opening, so that the dog can playfully get his reward. Due to the narrow opening, the hose is also suitable for liver sausage, for example: the dog spends a long time licking all the pate from the opening. This way, your dog will stay busy, even when you are not there, and you will combat boredom.

- Nice snack toy for the dog
- Hose made of thermoplastic rubber with a slit-shaped opening at the bottom
- You can put treats, chunks or pâté in the opening, which the dog must try to get out
- Prevents boredom

Dimensions: 18 cm

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