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Trixie Puppy Loo Puppy Toilet Beige/Cream

Trixie Puppy Loo Puppy Toilet Beige/Cream

Trixie Puppy Loo Puppy Toilet Beige/Cream 65x55 cm
This Trixie Puppy Loo dog toilet for puppy pads in beige/cream of 65x55 cm is ideal for potty training your dog or puppy.
Are you busy potty training your puppy? Then this Trixie dog toilet is ideal! This Puppy Loo functions as a kind of toilet, which you can use in combination with puppy pads. The toilet works as a holder for the pads, with a special clamp frame that holds the puppy pad firmly in place. Even if it is completely soaked, the pad remains neatly spread out. In addition, the toilet has rubber feet; this ensures that the entire unit is anti-slip. This way the dog can do its business undisturbed without the toad moving and the dog also has a permanent spot in the house, which makes training more effective and easier. An easier way to train your dog's toilet training in combination with puppy pads!

- Handy plastic toilet, can be used with puppy pads
- Holds the puppy pads firmly in place thanks to the clamp frame along the edges
- Non-slip due to the rubber feet, so it stays firmly in place

Dimensions: 65 x 55 x 4 cm

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