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Trixie Carding Coat Comb Defelting / Thinning

Trixie Carding Coat Comb Defelting / Thinning

Trixie Carding Fur Comb 7×15 cm
his Trixie Carding coat comb of 7x15 cm is especially for defelting and thinning the coat and undercoat.
Does your dog have a very thick coat, does it suffer from felting or does it have a lot of loose hairs in the undercoat that get stuck in the coat? Then this Trixie Carding coat comb is ideal. This handy dog ​​comb effortlessly removes excess hair from the undercoat. It is also particularly suitable for simple defelting and thinning of the coat. You can easily change the attachments using the click mechanism on the handle, which has a non-slip rubber coating. This makes combing comfortable for both you and your dog, or your horse, because this comb is also suitable for that!

- For removing excess hair from the undercoat
- Defelts and thins out the coat
- Stainless steel blade
- Plastic handle with non-slip rubber coating
- Can also be used for horses

Dimensions: 23 x 15 x 7 cm

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