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Trixie White 3 Panel Closing Fence

Trixie White 3 Panel Closing Fence

This Trixie Dog Barrier dog gate in white measuring 124x61 cm closes off rooms or the stairs for your dog.
Are there certain areas you would rather not see your dog in? The stairs or the children's room, for his own health or safety or that of your housemates? Then this handy closing gate for Trixie's dog is the solution. This closing gate is 61 centimeters high and 124 centimeters wide. The stair gate is therefore suitable for small and medium-sized dogs and can be used for various purposes, such as cordoning off the stairs or a specific room. The fence can be adjusted variably and can therefore also be placed in corners. With this fence you make your home safer for you, your environment and your dog!

- Fence made of powder-coated MDF
- Suitable for smaller and medium sized dogs
- Collapsible and space-saving storage

Dimensions: 124 x 61 cm

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