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Tickless Tick and Flea Repellent for Dogs and Cats Black

Tickless Tick and Flea Repellent for Dogs and Cats Black

Tickless tick and flea repellent for dogs and cats.
The Tickless Tick and Flea repellent is the perfect way to keep your dog or cat tick and flea free! Ticks are becoming increasingly common and both humans and animals can become seriously ill from a bite from these spider-like creatures that can live anywhere in nature. The TickLess, a clever discovery from Italy, now keeps ticks at a safe distance from both dogs and cats during all outdoor activities. This is also available for people.

The TickLess is a small and completely odorless and poison-free device that works by emitting ultrasound. These very high sound waves are imperceptible and harmless to bipeds and quadrupeds, but they do repel ticks and fleas. The TickLess is available in separate versions for people and animals. Adults and children can carry the device with them using the integrated clip or on a cord, and for dogs and cats the TickLess can easily be attached to the collar via a ring.

The TickLess offers a solution, especially for animals that prefer not to be treated with a chemical pesticide due to their age, health or because they often come into contact with children.

The device runs for months on the supplied battery.

  • Odorless and poisonless device
  • Available in human and animal versions
  • No chemical pesticides
Colour black
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