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Sanofor peat drench

Sanofor peat drench

Peat fertilizer is a soil product consisting of digestive remains of hundreds of different flowers, medicinal herbs, grasses and fruits. Over the course of many years, these plants fell into stagnant water and sank to the bottom, after which a long chemical-biological process converted the plant remains into black, lumpy peat.

The composition and properties of this peat are determined by the plants from which it originated. In addition, the place where the peat fertilizer is extracted plays a role with regard to its suitability for medicinal purposes and for supplementary feeding of animals.

A type of peat occurs in Austria that is referred to as "Subfossil". The characteristic of this type of peat is that it has suddenly become buried under deposits of loam, sand and rock. This subfossil peat is now located meters below the earth's surface. Based on the plant species found in it, this peat originated approximately 7,000 years ago.

Thanks to the constant closure from the outside world, this peat has been converted and matured. Moreover, it is very pure and practically germ-free. No chemicals are added to the peat, Sanafor is absolutely a pure natural product. Moreover, the peat is extracted without damaging the landscape

Why peat drench in animal feed?

Sanafor Peat Drink is rich in easily absorbable mineral components such as iron. This is abundantly present and in the most absorbable form. In addition, Sanafor Peat Drink also contains very small amounts of manganese, copper, zinc and other trace elements. In addition, Sanofor contains substances that, even in highly diluted form, naturally inhibit the growth of germs. The intestinal flora is optimized by Sanofor. Of the organic substances in Sanofor, humic acids are very important. These have an absorbent effect and bind toxins, which are then excreted with the feces. This relieves the liver in particular. In addition, the functioning of the liver is stimulated. With Sanofor, the mucous membranes are in optimal condition, which prevents stomach and intestinal problems and achieves better fertilization results. Sanofor has a beneficial effect on skin metabolism.

Sanafor can be given all year round, also to pregnant and young animals. Overdose is not possible. Given the wide variety of active ingredients that work in different ways, Sanofor Veendrenkstof is an extremely valuable addition to dog food.

And because Sanofor peat fertilizer has no added animal proteins, vitamins or synthetic substances, it can be added to any type of feed without any risk.

15 good reasons to feed Sanofor Veendrenkstof.

*For dry skin, flakes and a dry, dull coat

*For diarrhea and constipation *For belching, belching and regular rumbling of the stomach *For excessive hair loss and continuous shedding

*Not getting into the coat and hair that keeps breaking off

*To strengthen the hair root and if the coat is too thin.

*For bite and scratch marks, bald spots in the coat and eczema

*For a flea allergy, hotspot

*Eat with street dirt and feces

*To improve pleasureFor reconstruction of the intestinal flora after worm treatments and antibiotics

*For regularly recurring flatulence

*For stink from the mouth (not caused by dental problems) and for stink from the skin (excessive dog smell)

*For an improvement in the pigmentation of the coat and certainly recommended in difficult cases as an additional stimulus for pigment disorders on the nose, lips, eye rims, etc.

*When administered regularly throughout the year, Sanofor Veendrenkstof ensures a short effective shedding period and a beautiful full coat.

Composition: Subfossil Peat, Lignocellulose

Analytical constituents: Silicic acid 6.52%, Iron 1.14%, Aluminum 0.12%, Calcium 5.09%, Magnesium 0.37%, Sodium 0.41%, Phosphate 0.20%, Sulphate 5.05% , Ether extract 1.26%, Water-insoluble Nitrogen 0.77%, Other Nitrogen 0.98%, Difficultly water-soluble protein 4.32%, Sulfur not available as sulphate 0.41%, Carbon dioxide 2.52% , Bitumen (wax, resin, oil) 18.09%, Water-soluble organic substances 8.19%, Hemi-celluloses 1.63%, Celluloses 2.85%, Humic acids 13.08%, Humic material 3.99%, Humin and Lignin 13.61%, Readily water soluble protein 1.30%.

Nutritional advice:

Small dogs and cats 1 teaspoon
Medium dogs 2 teaspoons
Large dogs 1 tablespoon
Small birds 1 knife point
Large birds 1/4 - 1/2 tsp
Rodents and rabbits 1/2 tsp

Instructions for use: Daily through food or directly in the mouth.

Contents: 500 ml

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