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Renske Healthy Reward Hearts Fish 150 GR

Renske Healthy Reward Hearts Fish 150 GR

Renske Healthy Reward with ocean fish
Renske Healthy Reward with ocean fish is complementary pet food for dogs. It is a very tasty and healthy reward!
This gluten-free reward has fish as the main ingredient. Available in a box of 150gr and is suitable for dogs of all breeds.

The heart-shaped extras are ideal to combine with Renske's varied menu. The protein sources of the rewards are based on Renske's steamed fresh meat meals and Super Premium dry food. The 'hearts' contain at least 31% meat or fish. This way you can spoil your dog responsibly with a delicious snack. Only one protein source was used in this reward. This way, dogs with an allergy or intolerance to a certain protein source can also enjoy the rewards.

The size makes this tasty reward ideal for use as a responsible treat or training reward.

Fish 33%, corn, lupine flour, potatoes, beetroot, linseed, salmon oil, sunflower lecithin, rosemary.

Analytical additives per 100 g
Crude protein 14.4%, Crude fat 10.1%, Crude ash 2.8%, Crude fiber 0.99%, omega-3/6 (ratio 3 / 6 = 1/0.88)

Health with Renske
  • Free from chemical preservatives, antioxidants, color, odor and/or flavorings
  • With natural ground bone as raw material for calcium and phosphorus
  • Free from wheat gluten.
  • Contains absolutely no soya, beef, pork, peanut or dairy products!
  • Contains no meat by-products
  • Does not contain E numbers
  • No GMO products
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