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Proderma Sheep Fat Protect With Garlic 3 PCS

Proderma Sheep Fat Protect With Garlic 3 PCS

Proderma Sheep Fat Protect Garlic 3 pcs

Sheep fat has the beneficial, natural property of forming a protective layer on the intestinal wall. This maintains the natural balance of digestion and allows recovery from unpleasant conditions such as hair loss, itching and scratching, dull coat or flaking skin. We use 100% natural, cleaned sheep fat.

The condition of the skin and coat will improve quickly. It contains natural omega 3 fatty acids and important vitamins. The addition of garlic gives your dog extra protection against fleas and ticks.

By adding purely natural ingredients to the Proderma cubes, you give your dog or cat a super healthy treat, as a reward or snack.

The cubes are individually packaged and are easy to press out of the foil, making the cubes hygienic and easy to dose.

Proderma sheep fat Protect Garlic is complementary animal food for dogs and cats.

Composition: 95% sheep fat, 5% garlic.

Analytical constituents: crude fat 95%, crude fiber 1.5%, crude ash 0.5%, crude protein, moisture 0.5%.

Contents: 3 pieces.

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