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Nylabone Power Chew Hard Biters Beef Flavor

Nylabone Power Chew Hard Biters Beef Flavor

Nylabone for hard-chewing dogs with delicious ham flavor, for dogs over 30 kg body weight.

The Nylabone chewing bone is made of durable high-quality nylon. Nylabones are vet-approved to meet your dog's chewing urges.
Nylabones are easy to clean, do not smell and do not stain your dog's coat or your interior.

The advantages of Nylabone at a glance:

  • Saves money - Nylabones last much longer than other chewing products;
  • Leave your interior intact - You transfer the dog's chewing instinct to the Nylabone instead of your interior;
  • Saves dogs' lives and costly surgeries - The small pieces of Nylabone that your dog eats do not form a physical reaction and leave the body in the same condition as eaten. This is in contrast to latex and vinyl toys, among others;
  • Prevents infections - Nylabones are easy to sterilize by placing them in boiling water;
  • Is healthy for the teeth - Nylabones remove food particles and plaque and massage the gums;
  • Nylabones are recommended by veterinarians all over the world!

Tip! Just boil a Nylabone and it will be like new again.

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