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MICE - Dog Puzzles Intelligence Toys - My Intelligent Pets/Dogs

MICE - Dog Puzzles Intelligence Toys - My Intelligent Pets/Dogs

Challenging dog and cat puzzle MICE: mental and physical stimulation for your pet

Are you looking for a way to challenge your pet both mentally and physically? Search no further! Our wooden challenging dog and cat puzzle MICE is designed to stimulate and entertain your pet. Offering a difficulty level of 3 paw prints, this puzzle is the perfect way to get your furry friend enjoying intelligent play activities.

How does the dog and cat puzzle MICE work?

This clever puzzle contains high-quality wooden pieces that together form the word "MICE". Hide delicious reward candies under the movable parts of the puzzle and place cylinders in the circular indentations. You can also hide even more treats under the cylinders. Encourage your pet to start searching by giving the start command and show him where a treat is waiting for him.

Your pet will have to think and use his agility to knock over the cylinders and push the movable parts aside. This way the treats are revealed and your pet can enjoy his reward.

Why the dog and cat puzzle MICE?

This intelligent game actively engages your pet and helps develop its mental and physical skills. It encourages problem-solving thinking and stimulates his curiosity and urge to play.

Tips for optimal fun

Be patient and show your pet how the game works. Encourage him to look for the treats, which will ensure that he has fun, learns and solves tasks correctly. This will increase your pet's self-confidence.

Specifications of the dog and cat puzzle MICE

  • Dimensions: 25cm x 22cm x 5cm
  • Maintenance: Clean by wiping with a slightly damp cloth, so that the wood does not become too damp. Do not use abrasives.

In short, the dog and cat puzzle MICE is a great way to keep your pet busy and enjoy a challenging game. Add this game to your daily routine and watch your pet become smarter and more confident. Order today for endless fun for you and your furry friend!

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