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Two Towers - Dog Puzzles Intelligence Toys - My Intelligent Pets/Dogs

Two Towers - Dog Puzzles Intelligence Toys - My Intelligent Pets/Dogs

Dog puzzle Two Towers
This is a difficult dog puzzle, with many tasks for the dog to solve. The boss can control the difficulty (level 1 to 4) by adding and removing options where treats are hidden.

This intelligence game contains a variety of puzzles that you must solve for your dog to find the hidden rewards. This dog puzzle trains your dog's concentration and agility and stimulates his natural instincts of curiosity, desire to play and sense of smell. Thanks to the many variable levels, this game can be played by both beginners and advanced dogs.

Advantages of this dog puzzle intelligence toy
This dog puzzle offers up to 32 tasks that can be solved by the dog, it can become very challenging at level 4. It is wise to start a little easier and slowly increase the level for the dog.

This difficult dog puzzle consists of 16 tokens (8 roles and 8 hats)
Combats boredom in your dog by keeping the dog busy. Letting your dog solve the dog puzzle helps reduce destructive behavior by training and challenging your dog's mind.

Collaboration by solving the dog puzzle together strengthens the bond with your dog and is also highly recommended by dog ​​coaches and veterinarians.

This action dog puzzle provides fun for all dogs, regardless of age and size.

Game instruction:
Step 1: Start at level 1 and hide the treats in some easy-to-find places. (under the hats, cylinders and hatch, and/or in the drawers).
Step 2: Encourage your dog to search, for example by showing him where the treats are waiting.
Step 3: The dog can only reach the treat by first moving the cylinders and hats. If he pulls out the drawers or lifts the hatch, he can find extra treats as a reward.

Praise your dog for everything that works and help the dog when something doesn't work out. This keeps the dog puzzle fun for both the dog and the owner.

We recommend starting the dog puzzle with few pieces, because your dog may lose the fun and motivation if it is unable to solve the dog puzzle after a few attempts.

It helps in the beginning to let the dog watch while you hide the rewards in the game, this stimulates curiosity. Stay patient with your dog, demonstrate how the game works and always encourage the dog.

Never let your dog play unsupervised, you play this game together. Prevent the dog from chewing on pieces of the game. You can clean the dog puzzle by wiping it with a slightly damp cloth, do not use abrasive cleaning agents. (Own responsibility)

Difficulty: Level 1-4
Pet Size: Suitable for all dogs
Life stages: All ages
Pet activity: Strategy game, intelligence game, dog puzzle
Material: Made of certified wood covered with water-based varnish
Dimensions: 14.5 x 14 x 42.5 cm

Clean by wiping with a slightly damp cloth, so that the wood does not become (too) damp and do not use abrasives.

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