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Ecodor Uf2000 4Pets Urine Odor Remover 1 In 5 Concentrate 1 LTR

Ecodor Uf2000 4Pets Urine Odor Remover 1 In 5 Concentrate 1 LTR

Ecodor UF2000 4Pets Urine Odor Remover 1 in 5 Concentrate
With UF2000 4 Pets Urine Odor Remover 1 in 5 concentrate of 1 liter, you can make 5 liters of the UF2000 4Pets Urine Odor Remover. Mix 1 part concentrate with 4 parts water. This way you can make 10 bottles of UF2000 4Pets of 500 ml from 1 concentrate refill bottle. This has the same effect.

UF2000 4Pets is a powerful neutralizer of urine odor from dogs, cats and rodents. UF2000 4Pets neutralizes the annoying and penetrating odor by breaking it down based on natural enzymes. UF2000 4Pets is a 100% natural product to which no harmful odors have been added.
UF2000 4Pets is the most effective odor neutralizer against urine odor from (pet) animals that has penetrated concrete, stone, parquet, laminate or wood. Due to the powerful and natural effect of the product, UF2000 4Pets can also be used against absorbed urine odor in furniture, carpeting, vinyl or textiles.

UF2000 is a derivative of a professionally used concentrate that is used in the Paris metro tubes against urine odor from stray cats and homeless people.

For UF2000 applicable:
- Not perfumed
- Bacteria-free
- Biodegradable

Contents: 1 L.
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