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Biofood Sheep Fat Maxi Bonbons Garlic 40 PCS

Biofood Sheep Fat Maxi Bonbons Garlic 40 PCS

Biofood Sheep Fat Maxi Bonbons Garlic 40 pcs
The original BF Petfood® sheep fat bonbon garlic is a natural and particularly effective means of supporting the immune system, skin, coat, (digestive) digestion and resistance. Get rid of fleas and ticks. It is also an exceptionally healthy and tasty addition to the daily diet. Also suitable for dogs with food allergies that are fed a lamb-based diet.

Sheep fat contains approximately 58% saturated fatty acids and approximately 32% monounsaturated fatty acids. Fat is a seasoning and important in the transport of vitamins A, D, E and K in the body. In addition, the dog's fat metabolism handles fat very efficiently and converts fat into energy.

Features :

- mutton fat with garlic (Spanish).
- get rid of fleas and ticks.
- healthy low-carb snack.
- affects stomach and intestinal flora.
- has a stimulating effect upon absorption
- good for digestion and skin and coat.
- healthy addition to the daily diet.

For all dog breeds and all ages.

sheep fat (95%), garlic (5%)

Analytical constituents: Crude fat 95%, Crude protein 1%, Crude ash 0.5%, Crude fiber 1%, Moisture 0.6%, Carbohydrates 1.9%.

Additives: Vitamin A IE 2000, Vitamin D3 IE < 300. Per 1000g.

Nutritional advice:
Start: ½ minimum dosage, then: (min.) 1 - (max.) 4 chocolates per day per 20kg.

Keep cool and dry. E.g. cool cellar. Approx. 15-20 degrees.

Contents : 40 pieces


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