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Biofood Relax Dog/Cat Soothing/Calming 100 PCS

Biofood Relax Dog/Cat Soothing/Calming 100 PCS

Biofood Relax Dog/Cat Soothing/Calming 100 pcs
Tasty, healthy and soothing BF Petfood® Relax yeast treats for dogs and cats. With amino acids, vitamins (A, B, D and E), minerals, valerian and passion flower that positively influence serotonin metabolism and provide a calming and soothing effect. Healthy for skin and coat. Calming and soothing effect on: fireworks, thunder and stress. Optimal operation during daily use. Can be used all year round. Complementary feed for all dog and cat breeds.


- soothing effect in stressful situations, socialization* and fireworks.
- tablets containing valerian, passion flower, vitamins and minerals.
- supports skin and coat (including hair loss).
- optimal performance in daily use.
- for dogs and cats of all ages.

Composition: whey, rice, milk powder, (beer) yeast, dextrose, valerian (3.33%), passion flower (3.33%)

Analytical constituents: crude protein: 9.91%, crude fat: 2.61%, crude fiber: 0.24%, crude ash: 6.28%, moisture: 6.93%, vit. A: 131261.00 IE, vit. B: vitamin B complex 69.28 mg, vit. D3: 13126.08 IE, vit. E: 285.01 mg. e 60g

Nutritional advice:

Feeding advice: DOG: min. 2 - max. 6 per 10kg per day. Puppies: 2-3 per day. CAT: 2-6 treats daily. Kitten: 2-3 per day.

Contents: 100 pieces


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