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Biofood Dog Treats Bee Flea Seaweed Mini MINI 55 PCS

Biofood Dog Treats Bee Flea Seaweed Mini MINI 55 PCS

Garlic Seaweed tablets for puppies and small breeds.
The tasty yeast tablets from BIOFOOD with seaweed, garlic, amino acids, vitamins (A, B, D and E) and minerals ensure good immunity, skin and intestinal flora. Research has shown that garlic works as an insect repellent. Research results show significant reduction in tick bites when consuming garlic.

BIOFOOD dog yeast tablets with garlic and seaweed contain the following healthy vitamins:
- Vitamin A supports skin, vision and defense and immune system.
- Vitamin B supports tiredness, fatigue, skin and immune system.
- Vitamin D supports bones, muscle function, teeth, immune system and cell division process.
- Vitamin E supports blood cells, bloodstream, tissue, resistance and metabolism.

In addition to vitamin B (complex) and vitamin D, the yeast in the tablets also contains high-quality amino acids, minerals, protein and enzymes, which together perform numerous physiological functions in the dog's body. Yeast purifies the body of harmful substances and waste products, supports the functioning of the intestines and liver, makes hair and nails stronger and ensures that the skin looks better in case of impurities. As a natural energy source, (vitamin) yeast with its high content of active substances can fill many gaps in a diet and ensure general good health.

Composition: whey, rice, milk powder, (brewer) yeast, dextrose, seaweed (5.33%), garlic (4.1%), carrot. Gluten free.

Analytical constituents:
crude protein: 10.75%, crude fat: 2.73%, crude fiber: 0.75%, crude ash: 6.70%, moisture: 6.74%, vit. A: 126500.40 IE, vit. B: vitamin B complex 97.58 mg, vit. D3: 12650.02 IE, vit. E: 274.67 mg. Per 1000g. Seaweed mini (100pcs 60gr)

Nutritional advice: min. 2 - max. 6 per 5kg per day. Puppies: 2-3 per day.

Contents: 55 pcs.
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