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Beaphar Canishield Dog

Beaphar Canishield Dog

Beaphar Canishield Dog Small / Medium 48 cm
Beaphar Canishield collar protects dogs against ticks, fleas and sand flies. The 65cm collar contains Deltamethrin (1.04g) as the active ingredient and is suitable for large dogs. This long-lasting collar protects the dog against ticks for 6 months, against fleas for 16 weeks and against sand flies for 5.5 months. The collar works on the basis of Deltamethrin, which does not enter the dog's bloodstream, but gradually forms a film over the entire dog. Please note: do not use on cats!

- Flea collar for dogs that protects against fleas for 16 weeks, against ticks for 6 months
- With Deltamethrin as active substance
- Non-systematic effect, so does not enter the bloodstream
- Forms a protective film layer over the dog
- Odorless and easy to do

Dimensions: 48 cm
Colour black

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