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Bach Rescue Remedy Pets Drops

Bach Rescue Remedy Pets Drops

Bach Rescue Remedy Drops Pets - 10 ml

Bach Rescue Drops Pets is a nutritional supplement for animals. Rescue Pets relaxes and reassures. The alcohol-free drops are suitable for all (domestic) animals.

Bach Rescue Remedy drops pets is complementary pet food for pets.

Put 4 drops in the drinking water or over the food. Er
4 drops can also be given undiluted to the animal (max. 24 drops per day). Max. Do not exceed dosage. Rescue® Pets drops can be used for a longer period of time.

Composition: Glycerin, aqua, tincture of Rescue® blossom mix (sunflower vine, giant balsam, cherry plum and bird's milk).

Contents: 10 ml
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