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Agility - Nice and active with your dog!

What exactly is agility?

We also call agility 'dexterity'. The point is that the dog completes a course or obstacle course as quickly and error-free as possible. The course consists of various obstacles, such as hurdles, slalom, tunnels, a seesaw and bridge.

Completing the course as successfully as possible is only possible through good cooperation between dog and owner. Only with the instructions and efforts of the owner, or the 'handler', will the dog be able to successfully complete the course.

The handler may not touch the dog or any obstacles. Instructions may only be given using voice and gestures. This collaboration also ensures a stronger bond between dog and owner for a dog that likes to follow commands, which contributes to education and obedience
In addition, regularly practicing agility ensures better health and endurance for dog and owner! All muscles are trained and the dog becomes more self-confident.

Agility is a real outlet where dogs are often motivated to get the best out of themselves, which ensures better physical and mental health. Not only fun, but also very useful.

Agility: for whom?
Who is agility for? Agility is in principle for everyone, provided the dog is at least one year old and healthy. Certain parts are of course more or less suitable for certain dog breeds, depending on the body structure.

If your customer starts working with agility recreationally, he can determine the speed and height of the obstacles himself. During competitions, the height of the obstacles is adjusted to the height of the dog.

There are four height classes, namely small, medium, intermediate and large. There are also different levels, such as 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree, but there are also categories for debutants, young dogs and veterans. By gaining points, the dog can be promoted to a higher level. As mentioned, cooperation between dog and owner and having fun are central to each class. The latter in particular is a key word in agility: having fun and strengthening the bond is the most important thing!

Agility products, what can be ordered?
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