Plezier voor elke hond, lekker bewegen!

Fun for every dog, good exercise!

We all know that exercise is important. For people, but perhaps even more so for our four-legged friends. Too little exercise can lead to various 'health problems' in dogs, such as obesity and behavioral problems due to too much energy. Enough exercise also keeps the muscles flexible and the condition maintained. Exercise is also important for dogs that suffer from muscle and joint problems. Strong muscles absorb the load on the joints and thus protect the musculoskeletal system.

Which exercise is suitable for your dog depends on age, condition, breed, needs and any physical limitations. Exercise through walking is the most obvious, but have you ever considered running with your dog? With a handy running belt , this becomes a healthy outing for both dog and owner, which also helps to strengthen the mutual bond. Swimming is a good alternative for dogs that suffer from many weight problems. This strengthens the muscles without putting strain on the joints. For dogs that cannot (yet) swim very well, there are life jackets available that ensure that the dog can always keep its head above water. For the active four-legged among us, you can also opt for a more challenge, such as cycling, which is extra easy with a special bicycle bracket , canicross or agility. Check out our webshop for useful supplies to get started with training for this!

However, exercise must of course also remain pleasant and fun. So always make sure you have the right tools at home for this. More exercise includes a food that provides more energy, sufficient rest and offering the right supplements. Joint and muscle problems can occur at any age, so it is important to prevent them as much as possible and, if present, to help reduce them. Conditions such as hip or elbow dysplasia, growing pains, osteoarthritis and other forms of wear and tear can make movement very painful without proper care.

Treatment is possible with supplements . These are usually drops, pills or powders that can be given through food or directly into the mouth. Look for supplements with ingredients such as glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, collagen, devil's claw or rose hips. These ingredients contribute to the production of cartilage, synovia and the inhibition of inflammation. Well-known brands that offer such supplements are Puur, de Dierendrogist, Primeval, Litpopet and Beaphar. In addition to synthetic supplements, there are also supplements that are completely natural and even completely plant-based, so also suitable for dogs with food allergies.

In addition to supplements, you can also help your dog with the right dog bed. Orthopedic cushions provide great relief for dogs with muscle and joint problems. These cushions often contain memory foam, which adapts to the animal's body and ensures that pressure is optimally distributed. This also ensures less stiff standing and a dog that can move more comfortably!

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