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Trixie Urine Stain Remover 750 ML

Trixie Urine Stain Remover 750 ML

Trixie Urine Stain Remover 750 ml
The Trixie Urine Stain Remover in 750 ml is a stain remover for vomit, feces and urine of pets that also removes unpleasant odors.
This Trixie Urine Stain Remover is specially made to remove stains caused by pets. This may include stains from feces, urine and vomit. Unique to this formula is that this spray removes not only the stain, but also the odor very effectively. The product contains probiotic bacteria that produce enzymes upon contact with the stain that break up odors and then completely eliminate them. The remover can be used on almost all surfaces, such as carpet, clothing, litter boxes, cages, etc. You can even choose to treat the stains on clothes before they go into the washing machine or on carpets in the carpet cleaner! Using it is simple: spray the remover onto the remaining stain, let it soak in, then pat the area dry with a cloth and let it air dry for 1-2 days.

- Trixie stain remover for stains caused by feces, urine and vomit
- Produces enzymes that also break down odor
- Simply spray and wipe off with a cloth

Contents: 750 ml

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