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Pure Nature Hypersex 50 ML

Pure Nature Hypersex 50 ML

Pure Nature Hypersex 50 ml
For annoying sex drive of male dogs, tomcats and rattlesnakes. Good for the prostate.

Complementary pet food for cats, dogs, rodents.

Extracts of hops (Humulus lupulus), milk thistle (Carduus marianus) and monk's pepper (Agnus castus). Diluted extract of real marjoram (Origanum majorana). Alcohol 35% v/v.

Pure Hypersex for excessive sex drive, hypersexual behavior.

To maintain good prostate function.

Properties per ingredient: Hops (Humulus lupulus) contains flavonoids, tannins, phenolic acids and estrogenic components. Hop works as an anaphrodisiac (sex drive inhibiting agent). Traditionally, people used hops to treat irritability and agitation.

Milk thistle (Carduus marianus) has a positive influence on liver function. In Chinese medicine, the sexual organs and the associated intense emotions can be traced back to the liver energy. Particularly in case of increased excitement due to the proximity of bitches in heat, cats in heat or wet nurses.

Monk's pepper (Agnus castus) The Dutch name of Vitex agnus castus, monk's pepper, refers to the practice of medieval monks to chew the dried berries to reduce sex drive and thus better fulfill their vow of celibacy. The Latin name “Agnus castus” also refers to an influence on the libido, because it is a combination of the Latin “castitas” (chastity) and the Greek “agnos” (clean) and the Latin “agnus” (lamb). Monk's pepper contains antioxidants and flavonoids.

Real marjoram (Origanum majorana), a dilution of which, is the routine remedy for increased sex drive. For good prostate function.
Dosage and application: Unless the doctor or therapist prescribes otherwise, 1-2 x daily:

Dog 5-10 drops

Cat 3-5 drops

Rabbit 3-5 drops

1 ml = 20 drops

The product can be given directly or with some water into the mouth using a plastic spoon or syringe. If necessary, it can be given dripped on something tasty. Give PUUR Sex Drive at least half an hour before or after eating, so that it can be absorbed through the clean oral mucosa.

The treatment duration is 3-6 weeks.

The drug should take effect after about 3 days to a week. If no effect is noticeable, the dose can be increased to a maximum of double the dose.

PUUR Sex Drive can be used without objection in combination with other medicines. In some cases, an innocent and short-term worsening of the symptoms may occur at the beginning of taking the drops. This indicates that the animal is reacting intensively to the drug. If this worsening is bothersome, you should halve the recommended dose for your animal or skip a dose. If you think you have noticed a side effect, we request that you report it to your veterinarian or therapist.

Advice for use
Go to the vet if you suspect prostate complaints. Symptoms include droplets of blood from the penis and too much straining during defecation. Also go to the vet if no improvement is noticeable after 3 weeks. Avoid contact with bitches, cats or does in heat as much as possible.

Treatment duration
In an acute situation, the duration of treatment is relatively short. This can vary from a few days to 3 weeks. If improvement continues, continue administering this product for a few days.

In case of long-term discomfort, the effect is usually visible after 1 to 3 weeks. If improvement occurs, you can switch to a maintenance dose. This is usually half of the dosage indicated on the package. When dosing this product, pay close attention to the animal's reaction. A higher dose may be required initially, but this product can safely be given in double doses. Gradually reduce the dose to the lowest possible dose.

This product can be given permanently. It is advisable to take a break week after every 6 to 8 weeks. This means that the 'incentive' can be offered again after the stop week. Resume treatment immediately if there is reason to do so.

Avoid direct sunlight and store this product in a dry place at a temperature between 5-20 C. Keep out of the reach of children. The expiry date is stated on the label and the box.

Synergy and combinations with other products This product can be used without objection in combination with other natural health products and regular medicines. ProstAid from Phytonics.


Side effects
To date, side effects of this product are not known or reported.

With some dilutions and extracts, a short-term worsening may occur at the start of treatment. This means that the animal reacts to the product. In case of a severe increase, halve the dosage or stop temporarily and then gradually build up again.

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