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Easypets Puppy Training Pads

Easypets Puppy Training Pads

Easypets Puppy Training Pads 58 x 58 cm 250 pcs

With these Puppy Training Pads from Easypets you can easily and hygienically train the potty training of your puppy or dog. These Pads are also suitable for (incontinent) dogs and other animals that do their business indoors.

The Training Pads contain a pleasant scent that makes your dog attracted to the pad, making potty training super easy! The pads are comfortable for the dog and super absorbent, which ensures that your floor stays clean and dry. EasyPets' unique four-layer technology makes the pads sturdy and ensures that they do not leak. With the dimensions of 58 x 58 centimeters, they are also large enough for most breeds of puppies, but certainly also for medium/small adult dogs.

You will find 250 pieces in a box, so you can last for a long time!

  • Training pads for potty training young dogs
  • Super absorbent
  • Pack of 250 pieces
Dimensions: 58 x 58 cm / 250 pieces
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