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Animal drugstore Glucosamine 100% Pure 250 GR

Animal drugstore Glucosamine 100% Pure 250 GR

100% Glucosamine 250 gr
Supplement animal feed for dogs, cats and horses for flexible, well-functioning joints.

The best protection comes from within. Animals that put a lot of strain on their joints, tendons and muscles benefit from a daily dose of Glucosamine.

Glucosamine is able to repair damaged cartilage tissue, supply the joints with new synovial fluid (Synovia) and thus allow the damaged joints to function optimally again.

Glucosamine is especially recommended for growing animals and is also successfully used in animals with mobility problems due to growth disorders, disease symptoms such as HD or old age.

2 grams per day
2 grams per day per 10 kg body weight
10 grams per day per 100 kg body weight

100% glucosamine HCL

Analysis: C12H28N2O14S

Contents: 250 gr

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