Leer jouw hond praten met Hunger For Words!

Teach your dog to talk with Hunger For Words!

Have you always wanted to talk to your dog? The new speech buttons from Hunger for Words make this possible!

View the complete Hunger For Words collection here and learn to talk to your dog or give it as a gift!

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Founder Christina Hunger is a speech therapist and saw many characteristics in her puppy Stella that she also sees in toddlers just before they start talking. Christina has combined techniques from her field of work in the development of the speech buttons and thus developed an educational and fun game. Stella is now four years old, knows more than 50 words and composes sentences up to five words long! This way she can indicate that she has finished sleeping and would like to go outside, she is dissatisfied with something and she would like something tasty.

Now for the most important thing... your dog can learn this too! How fun is that?!

Hunger for Words offers various products to teach your dog to communicate:

  • The handy Starter Set contains four speech buttons that you can record yourself, the ideal start for this talkative adventure!
  • The Essential Words Set contains six pre-recorded English buttons with words that every dog ​​knows, such as “walk”, “play” and “eat”.
  • Ready to expand? The Next Words: Names set and Next Words: Locations set both contain three buttons that you can also record yourself. Each set also includes themed icon stickers that make it clear what has been spoken on the button.
  • How do you ensure that all these buttons don't wander around the house? With the Button Mat of course! One mat has room for six buttons, but the click system allows you to attach multiple mats together. This way the buttons stay organized and together.
  • Your dog no longer has to scratch at the door when he wants to go outside with the Doorbell. The bell has a preset sound, but can also play its own recording. Teach the dog to ring the bell when he wants to go outside for a pee or a walk, for example. This way, the doors and door frames in the house remain scratch-free, which is nice!
  • You can keep track of all the highlights and the progress of the learning process on the Goal Tracker, with 126 different magnets, a sticker sheet and an erasable marker.

View the complete Hunger For Words collection here and learn to talk to your dog or give it as a gift!

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