Grasaar hond is de grootste vijand voor je hond

Grazing dog is the biggest enemy for your dog

Grass ears: Major summer dangers for your faithful dog

They are common in the warm summer months: grass spikes. You see them along roads, in meadows, and even around trees. Grass spikes are actually the seeds of a specific species of grass, and while they may seem harmless, they can pose a serious risk to your beloved dog. We dive deeper into what exactly grass spikes are and why you should be wary.

The world of grass grains

Grass spikes are small seeds from certain types of grass. They have the annoying property of easily clinging to your dog's (often longer) coat. The danger lies in their sharp points and the small barbs that these 'creepers' have. This allows them to penetrate your dog's skin effortlessly.

The risks of grass cutting for your dog

Grass ears can lead to painful inflammation, with symptoms such as redness, swelling and sometimes even fever. They are commonly found in the following places:

In the ear : If your dog suddenly and continuously shakes his head violently, this may indicate a grass ear in the ear.

Between the toes : Frequent licking of an area between the toes and limping can indicate a grass toe.

In the eye : Squinting the eye and rubbing the paw can be signs of a grasshopper in the eye.

In the nose : Frequent sneezing, a nosebleed or rubbing with the paw can indicate a grass spike in the nose.

Acting quickly is extremely important

It is very important that you remove a grass spike as quickly as possible. The barbs can move deeper into your dog's body and cause more damage.

This is what a grasser looks like. Here you can clearly see the small barbs. It is therefore essential to thoroughly check your dog's coat for grass hairs after every walk. Don't forget to also look carefully under the ear flaps and between all the toes. Grass spikes can be difficult to see, especially in dogs with longer hair.

Grazing dog Dogzoo

Need help? Contact the vet immediately!

If you suspect that your dog has a grass spike and you cannot remove it yourself, do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian immediately, even on the weekend. Acting quickly can prevent a lot of discomfort and health problems.

The petition for action against grass ears

While we are aware of the dangers of grass grains, we would also like to emphasize that action is being taken to reduce these risks. The petition to encourage municipalities to do more against grass spikes has already collected more than 50,000 signatures and will be presented to the mayor of The Hague on September 7.

Let's work together to reduce the dangers of grass cutting for our beloved four-legged friends and ensure they can enjoy the summer months safely and healthily.

Sign the petition here .

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