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Xationaly - Snuffelmat - Dog Toys - Snuffelmat Dog - Anti Schrook Behavior - Dog Puzzle - Dog toy - Toy Dog - Puppy Toys

Xationaly - Snuffelmat - Dog Toys - Snuffelmat Dog - Anti Schrook Behavior - Dog Puzzle - Dog toy - Toy Dog - Puppy Toys

Stop gobbling food - Train your pet's intelligence - Improve the sense of smell

The Bosrand sniffing mat is the perfect solution for dogs that swallow their food too quickly without chewing. But it is not only a functional solution, it is also a must-have intelligence game for your pet. With countless hiding places for treats and kibble, this sniffing mat challenges your pet in a fun and challenging way.

Advantages of the Snuffelmat Bosrand:

  1. Prevent gobbling food: The mat encourages your pet to eat and chew slowly, which promotes digestion and well-being.

  2. Train the intelligence: With different hiding places, such as the house, the mushrooms and the flowers, your pet is stimulated to find his food, which trains his intelligence.

  3. Improve the sense of smell: Sniffing and searching for hidden treats strengthens your pet's sense of smell.

  4. Long-lasting fun: The many hiding places ensure that your pet spends a long time finding his food, resulting in a fun and challenging activity.

  5. Sturdy and safe design: The non-slip bottom ensures that the mat stays in place, while the soft fleece fabric of the top is safe for your pet to sniff.

  6. Scientifically proven health: The use of sniffing mats is scientifically proven to be healthy for pets. It improves the sense of smell, promotes better digestion of food and reduces the risk of overeating and obesity.

Easy to use and maintain:

  1. Hide treats: Hide treats and/or kibble in different places, such as in the house, on the mushrooms and between the flowers.

  2. Let your pet sniff: Give the sniffing mat to your pet and let him search for his hidden treats with his nose and mouth.

  3. Easy to clean: The Bosrand sniffing mat is machine washable, making cleaning a simple task.


  • Dimensions: 70 x 50 cm
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes

With the Bosrand sniffing mat you give your pet guaranteed fun, fun training, improved intelligence and sense of smell, and you even prevent the risk of obesity. Order today and offer your pet a healthy and challenging experience with this unique sniffing mat.

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