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Xationaly - Snuffelmat Dog - Toad - Snuffelmat - Anti Schrook Behavior - Dog Toys - Snuffelmat For Dogs

Xationaly - Snuffelmat Dog - Toad - Snuffelmat - Anti Schrook Behavior - Dog Toys - Snuffelmat For Dogs

Discover the ultimate play and feeding game for your dog with the "TOAD" Snuffle Mat from Xatory! This high-quality sniffing mat is specially designed to challenge your dog and prevent gobbling. With an abundance of hiding places, it is a must-have accessory for any dog ​​owner.

The Snuffle Mat "TOAD" features cute mushrooms with a surprising squeak function, taking the fun to a higher level!

Most important features:

Anti-gobbling: Prevents your dog from gobbling his food and encourages chewing. Brain work: Trains your dog's intelligence and keeps him actively occupied. Improved sense of smell: The mat stimulates your dog's natural sense of smell. Challenging design: With numerous hiding places, the mat offers a lot of mental and physical challenges. Non-slip bottom: Stays firmly in place during fun. Easy to clean: Can be easily washed in the washing machine.

How to use the "TOAD" sniffing mat: Hide sweets and kibble under the mushrooms of the sniffing mat. Then give the mat to your dog. Your four-legged friend will look for the hidden treats with his nose and mouth. Thanks to the many hiding places, you can optimally challenge your buddy.

It will take some time to find all the treats, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment.

Scientifically proven benefits: Scientific research has shown that sniffing mats are healthy for pets. A few minutes of searching is already super healthy! It improves your dog's sense of smell and promotes better digestion. Gobbling can make your pet feel unsatisfied and eat more than necessary, which can lead to obesity. With the "TOAD" Snuffle Mat you can prevent this, because your pet can eat quietly and at its own pace.

Quality and fabric: The sniffing mat is made of quality and soft fleece material, which ensures a safe playing experience for your dog or cat.

Easy to clean: The Snuffle Mat "TOAD" can be easily cleaned in the washing machine, making it always clean and ready to use. This way your little four-legged friend can continue sniffing safely and with great pleasure!

With this challenging Snuffle Mat "TOAD" you give your pet:

Guaranteed fun A perfect and fun training Improved intelligence Strengthened sense of smell A reduced risk of obesity, because the dog eats calmly and stops on time.

The Snuffle Mat "TOAD" for dogs has a size of 38 cm long, 34 cm wide and 13 cm high.

Order the "TOAD" Snuffle Mat from Xatory today and give your dog the ultimate playing and feeding fun!

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