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Xatory - Snuffelmat Dog - Color Festival - Snuffelmat - Anti Fir -Science - Dog Puzzle - Dog Toys - Dog Snuffelmat

Xatory - Snuffelmat Dog - Color Festival - Snuffelmat - Anti Fir -Science - Dog Puzzle - Dog Toys - Dog Snuffelmat

Meet Xatory and the ultimate challenge for your beloved four-legged friend! Are you looking for a fun activity for your dog or do you notice that your faithful companion swallows his food in one go without chewing? Then order the Snuffelmat Cube from the well-known brand Xatory. This cuboid sniffing mat is packed with hiding places and offers different levels of challenge. It is truly a must-have for every dog ​​lover!

Why choose a cuboid sniffing mat?

Prevents gobbling (Anti-gobbling):
Thanks to the anti-gobbling function of the sniffing mat cube, your dog can eat his food in a calm and controlled manner. This not only helps prevent stomach problems, but also prevents obesity. Your pet will feel satisfied and will be able to digest its food better.

Trains intelligence (Brain work): This sniffing mat cube is not just a toy, it is a complete brain trainer for your dog. With countless hiding places and challenging puzzles, this mat challenges your dog to use his thinking skills. Searching for hidden kibble and treats is a mental workout that your dog will enjoy.

Improved sense of smell: Scientific research has shown that sniffing mats have a positive effect on the sense of smell of animals. By using the sniffing mat cube you give your dog the opportunity to use his nose and further develop his sense of smell. This contributes to an enriched experience of the world around him.

Challenging and versatile: The cuboid sniffing mat is designed for maximum challenge. With its many hiding places, this mat offers endless possibilities to keep your dog busy. Every time you fill the mat with treats, you create a new and exciting experience for your dog. This ensures long-lasting fun and keeps your four-legged friend active and interested.

Machine washable: The sniffing mat is easy to clean. You can simply put it in the washing machine so that it always stays fresh and hygienic. This way your little friend can continue to sniff undisturbed and safely.

Using the sniffing mat cube

In the Color Festival Snuffelmat Cube you can hide sweets and kibble in all kinds of places. Once you have hidden the treats, give the sniffing mat to your dog. Your dog will use its nose and mouth to look for the hidden kibble and treats. Thanks to the many different hiding places you can really challenge your buddy.

It will take a while to find all the treats, so your dog can enjoy this game for a long time.

Scientifically proven health benefits

It has been scientifically proven that sniffing mats are healthy for animals. A few minutes of searching is super healthy! It improves your dog's sense of smell and ensures better digestion of food. Eating greedily does not give your pet a feeling of satisfaction. This makes it more likely that he will eat more than necessary, which can lead to obesity. With the sniffing mat cube you can prevent this by letting your dog eat quietly.

Dimensions and specifications

  • Dimensions: 20x20x20 cm (L x W x H)
  • Brand: Xatory

Order the Color Festival Snuffle Mat Cube from the well-known brand Xatory today and give your pet:

  1. Guaranteed fun
  2. A perfect and fun workout
  3. Improved intelligence
  4. An improved sense of smell
  5. Much less chance of being overweight, because your dog does not eat too quickly and can stop eating in time.

Let your dog enjoy a colorful adventure full of challenges with the Snuffelmat Cube!

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