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Xationaly - Likmat - Cuballix - Likmat Dog - Dog Likmat - Slowfeder Dog - Lick Mat - Self -adhesive - Anti Schrook - Likmat Cat - Feeding Mat - Cat Likmat - Lick Mats

Xationaly - Likmat - Cuballix - Likmat Dog - Dog Likmat - Slowfeder Dog - Lick Mat - Self -adhesive - Anti Schrook - Likmat Cat - Feeding Mat - Cat Likmat - Lick Mats

Likmat Cuballix from the Xatory brand makes feeding and caring for your dog or cat easy and enjoyable!

Revolutionary design for stress-free feeding and care

The Likmat Cuballix from Xatory is the solution to make feeding and caring for your four-legged friend effortless. What used to take a lot of time is now done within minutes. Say goodbye to gobbling behavior in your dog or cat, which can lead to obesity due to eating too quickly and too much.

Features of the Likmat Cuballix:

Dimensions: 15x15x4 cm, perfect size for your pet Suitable for both dogs and cats Strong suction cups for secure attachment Can be attached to any smooth surface, for example while grooming and showering in the bath

Spoil your pet with his favorite food:

The Likmat Cuballix offers you the opportunity to place your pet's favorite food, such as fresh meat, kvv, peanut butter, cream cheese or jam, on the mat. This allows your dog or cat to enjoy its snack or meal in a long-lasting and enjoyable way.

Easy to use and versatile in placement:

The Likmat Cuballix is ​​designed with ease of use in mind. You can easily place the lick mat on the floor or attach it to the wall thanks to the large silicone suction cup on the back. The mat leaves no marks on your surfaces. The licking surface has been carefully designed to distribute the food evenly while making it look attractive.

Easy to clean:

After use, you can easily rinse the Likmat Cuballix under the tap or with a shower head. If desired, you can clean the mat more thoroughly. The Likmat Cuballix can be removed effortlessly from walls, refrigerators or windows. You can clean the mat by hand or safely place it in the dishwasher. In addition, the mat can withstand temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 230℃.

Safe and versatile to use:

The Likmat Cuballix is ​​suitable for both large and small dogs, cats and other pets, under supervision. You can easily place the mat at different heights, such as in your bathtub, sink or shower cubicle. Additionally, the Likmat Cuballix can be attached to surfaces such as glass, plastic, ceramic tiles and more.

The Likmat Cuballix is ​​free of BPA and approved by the FDA. You can rest assured that the mat does not contain any harmful chemicals. Made of high-quality silicone material, the Likmat Cuballix is ​​odorless and safe to use.

Pamper your pet with the Likmat Cuballix from Xatory:

With the Likmat Cuballix from Xatory you not only make caring for your pet easier, but also more enjoyable. Give your pet a special treat during dinner or reward him after a nice wash or brush. Enjoy the benefits of this innovative product and give your pet the attention he deserves.

Note: Please ensure that your pet is supervised at all times when using the Likmat Cuballix.

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