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Vitakraft Parrot Kracker Honey 2 IN 1

Vitakraft Parrot Kracker Honey 2 IN 1

Vitakraft Parrot Kracker Honey

This delicacy contains different types of seeds on a natural wooden stick. Because the Kräcker has been baked several times, the seeds are firmly attached to the wooden stick and the canary has to make an effort to loosen the seeds, which keeps the cockatiel active. In addition, cockatiels wear out their beaks naturally due to intensive use to loosen the seeds. The Kräcker contains important minerals and is therefore an excellent addition to the daily ration. The specially selected flavors are guaranteed to be appreciated by the cockatiel.

-Baked 3 times on a natural stick
-With many vitamins, without antioxidants
-With hanging clip

Complementary pet food for parrots.

Composition: grains, seeds (aniseed 0.49%), vegetable by-products, minerals, vegetables, honey 0.51%


vitamin A 6000 iU
vitamin D3 600 iU

Feeding advice: Make sure that there is always a Kräcker in the cage. Keep cool and dry.

Contents: 2 pieces

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