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Utopia Sparrows Mix 2.3 KG

Utopia Sparrows Mix 2.3 KG

Utopia Sparrow Mix 2.3 kg
With Utopia Sparrow Mix 2.3 kg you support the sparrows in your garden during the cold winter months and the rest of the year.
Do you enjoy seeing the sparrows in your garden, or do you give these animals something extra? With this luxurious sprinkle food from Utopia, the sparrows in your garden can enjoy a supplement to their normal diet. This food consists of various grains and seeds and is a complete, balanced spread food. This way the sparrows in your garden stay healthy and well-fed all year round! You can easily spread the mixture over your garden, or offer it in a feeding bowl if you want to feed more specifically. This way you can enjoy all the wild sparrows in your garden or on your balcony undisturbed! The food is 100% natural, without added sugars, flavor enhancers, preservatives and colorings.

- Complete scatter food for sparrows
- Luxury version with grains and seeds
- 100% natural

Contents: 2.1kg

Composition: Wheat, maize, millet seed, rapeseed, linseed, sorghum, oats, canary seed
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