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Utopia Canaries Top Quality 1 KG

Utopia Canaries Top Quality 1 KG

Utopia Canaries Top Quality 1 kg
The Utopia Canaries Top Quality 1 kg is a complete pet food for ornamental birds with thyme, nettles, seaweed, egg food and oyster grit. This bird food is a very tasty and varied premium bird seed that is especially suitable for canaries. The varied composition fully meets the natural nutritional needs. This complete food is enriched with various herbs.
Egg food is a necessary addition to seeds and nuts and gives your bird the extra vitamins and amino acids it needs. The thyme powder and nettle have an anti-inflammatory effect and keep germs at bay. Seaweed provides beautiful plumage and has a beneficial effect on intestinal flora. Vitamins are important for resistance, metabolism and for extra good functioning of the muscles. The added stomach gravel ensures good digestion and oyster grit meets the natural need for calcium.

- Bird food for beautiful plumage
- With thyme powder
- Optimal digestion

Contents: 1 kg

Composition: Seeds, grains, vegetable by-products, minerals (2% oyster grit), fruits (min. 1% of which 97% apple), egg and egg products, yeast, oils and fats, thyme powder, nettle and seaweed

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 16.8%, crude fat 17.2%, crude ash 6.3%, crude fiber 6.3%, calcium 1.15%, phosphorus 0.6%, sodium 0.01%

Additives: Vitamin A 1800 IE, vitamin D3 180 IE, vitamin E 4 mg, vitamin C 7 mg, EU permitted dyes
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