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Petsnack Pig Ears Puffed 60 PCS

Petsnack Pig Ears Puffed 60 PCS

Petsnack Pig Ears Puffed 60 pcs
The Petsnack Pig Ears Puffed 60 pcs is a complementary dog ​​snack with a low fat content and a light structure. The pig ears are puffed, making them larger and fluffier and easier to eat for all dogs, small or large. The strength is maintained by leaving the cartilage in the ear. This keeps the dogs busy for a long time! Chewing this snack contributes to dental care. In addition, they are high in protein and have a low fat content, which makes for a perfectly balanced and healthy snack.

- Complementary dog ​​snack made from pig
- Airy but firm
- Low fat content
- High in proteins

Contents: 60 pieces

Composition: 100% pig

Analytical constituents: Protein 58%, fat 26.2%, ash 5.2%, fiber 0.5%, moisture 11%
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