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Petsnack Veal Hooves Large 25 PCS

Petsnack Veal Hooves Large 25 PCS

Pet Snack Veal Hooves Large 25 pcs

The Petsnack Calf Hoeven Large 25 pcs additional dog snack is a chew snack without additives. These large veal hooves are a delicious healthy treat and snack for your dog; nice to curl up on! The calf hooves are virtually fat-free and help keep your dog's teeth healthy. The hooves are very sturdy and therefore give your dog a long chewing pleasure. Soak the hoof in lukewarm water for 30 minutes and then give it to your dog. Stay with the product while you soak it or it will become too soft.
Petsnack Veal Hoof is complementary pet food for dogs.

- Chewing snack made from calf hooves
- Virtually fat-free
- Assist with dental care

Contents: 25 pieces

Composition: Beef

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 90.3%, fat 0.4%, moisture 13.7%

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