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Pet drugstore Magnesium Citrate

Pet drugstore Magnesium Citrate

Animal drugstore Magnesium Citrate 50 gr
De Dierendrogist Magnesium Citrate 50 gr is a nutritional supplement for dogs, cats and horses. Magnesium is a mineral that the body needs to function properly. It helps with more than 400 processes in the body, such as building bones and muscles, relaxing muscles and nerves and balance in the body.
Mix the daily dose with food or water once a day.

- Food supplement for dogs, cats and horses
- Mineral that the body needs to function properly
- Helps build bones and muscles
- Helps relax muscles and nerves
- Contributes to balance in the body

Contents: 50 grams

Composition: Magnesium citrate (human quality)

Analytical constituents: Magnesium (15.92%, organic acid (citrate) 84%
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