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De Vries Chicken Food Deluxe 2 KG

De Vries Chicken Food Deluxe 2 KG

De Vries Chicken Food Deluxe 2 kg
De Vries Chicken Food Deluxe 2 kg is a complete animal feed for birds consisting of wheat, corn, sunflower seeds, mealworms and fruit pellets. This provides your animal with all the necessary nutrients! The mealworms provide the much-needed animal proteins and fruit granules for a tasty, healthy variety. A varied and complete feed for your chickens in a handy bucket, with lid and handle!

- Complete food for chickens
- With animal proteins (dried mealworms)
- With fruit granules

Contents: 2 kg

Composition: wheat, corn (30%), barley, black sunflower seeds, striped seeds, mealworm, fruit grain

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 18%, crude fiber 2%, crude fat 9%, crude ash 3%, lysine 0.04%, methlonine 0.03%, calcium 4.7%, sodium 0.18%, phosphorus 0, 38%, dry matter 39.6%

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