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De Groene Os Relax Compositum Dog / Cat 50 ML

De Groene Os Relax Compositum Dog / Cat 50 ML

De Groene Os Relax Compositum Dog/Cat 50 ml
The Groene Os Relax Compositum Dog/Cat 50 ml is a supplement for dogs and cats that supports balance in stressful situations, perfect for short-term use. Relax Compositum is a herbal tincture of soothing plants. It has a relaxing effect on inner unrest and helps animals to calm down quickly in tense times. The compositum is very suitable for sensitive animals on the first days in a new environment or in case of unrest during a vet or groomer visit or during New Year's Eve if unrest due to fireworks.

Relax Compositum is a natural tranquilizer that works on a nervous feeling of restless animals. Relax Compositum is very suitable to combine with behavioral therapy. It helps to take the edge off the anxiety, so that training works better and faster. Perfect to use in the weeks around New Year's Eve to help your dog or cat handle fireworks better.

Hops help to relax and support digestion. Passionflower also has a relaxing effect and helps you sleep well in tense times. Rue supports digestion against negative effects of stress and valerian relaxes the nerves. Linden blossom is used for a nervous feeling and helps to relax and unwind.

Read the packaging before use for dosage, among other things.

- Supplement for dogs and cats
- Supports in stressful situations
- From soothing plants
- Helps animals to calm down quickly in tense times

Contents: 50 ml

Composition: Ethanol 51.60% v/v, Tilia tomentosa gemmo* (lime blossom), Humulus lupulus (hop), Passiflora incarnata (passion flower), Ruta graveolens (rue), Valeriana officinalis (valerian).

*Gemmotherapy is a form of herbal therapy. Fresh plant parts are used in the growth phase, so the ingredients are slightly different. Contains Glycerin.
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