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De Groene Os Provarium Breeding Dog / Cat 150 GR

De Groene Os Provarium Breeding Dog / Cat 150 GR

De Groene Os Provarium Breeding Dog/Cat 150 gr
The Groene Os Provarium Breeding Dog/Cat 150 gr is a supplement for dogs and cats in powder form for hormone balance, to support fertility and normalization of the cycle. Provarium Breeding helps to keep the hormone balance in balance and therefore supports the cycle in bitches and cats. In addition, it can help to moderate an excess of sex drive in males and tomcats.

Provarium Breeding supports normal hormone balance. It can be given to the bitch or cat to support healthy fertility. Then start 3 months before mating and stop when the animal is pregnant.
Especially in the spring, both female and male animals can have to deal with hormones that are slightly overactive. Males and tomcats that are constantly looking for a partner can suffer greatly from this. They then no longer relax and can cause a lot of nuisance by, for example, breaking out, keeping the neighbors awake (think of male dogs) or bothering the rest of the animals they live with.

The ingredient Vitex agnus castus (monk's pepper) is best known for supporting healthy female hormone balance. The plant supports the regulatory function of the ovaries, in particular the function of the corpus luteum, a part of the ovary that is formed from the follicle after ovulation and ensures progesterone production (yellow body). At the beginning of pregnancy, the corpus luteum produces hormones that ensure that the endometrium remains well supplied with blood and has a favorable composition for the embryo. It normalizes the production of estrogens, hormonal substances that are important for the cycle and pregnancy, among other things. It also supports normal production of progesterone, an important hormone that stimulates the uterine lining to prepare for the implantation of a fertilized egg.

In males and tomcats, Agnus Castus supports normal testosterone production. Too high a testosterone level can have a major influence on behavior.

Read the packaging before use for dosage, among other things.

- Supplement for dogs and cats
- For hormone balance
- Supports the cycle in bitches and cats
- Helps to moderate the excess sex drive in males and tomcats

Contents: 150 grams

Composition: Vitex agnus castus (monk's pepper)

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