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Trixie Dog Collar Premium Indigo Blue

Trixie Dog Collar Premium Indigo Blue

Trixie Collar Premium Indigo Blue 25-40x1.5 cm
The Trixie Premium Indigo Blue Collar of 25-40 x 1.5 cm is a continuously adjustable nylon collar with a handy click closure in bright colors. This collar is very practical due to its simplicity and sleek design. The collar has a handy click closure for easy putting on and a continuously adjustable webbing strap. The closure features the Trixie logo and you can easily click the walking line onto the hook. The collar is designed with the best interests of the animal in mind and is animal friendly when used correctly.

- Nice collar for the dog
- Made of bright colored nylon
- With handy click closure
- Adjustable

Dimensions: 25-40 x 1.5 cm

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