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Primeval Gelatinate Puppy 350 GR

Primeval Gelatinate Puppy 350 GR

PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinate
For building cartilage in the joints

Extensive information
A puppy's skeleton must develop in a short time. This places a lot of strain on the body, especially in the larger, fast-growing dog breeds. Various factors influence skeletal development, such as genetic predisposition and training. But diet also has an influence on this. It is therefore important that the puppy's diet meets the specific needs of the growing dog. During this first period in a dog's life, there is a demand for sufficient essential amino acids. If this need is met, cartilage and bone can develop optimally.

PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinate is a unique nutritional supplement for the joints of your growing puppy up to at least one year of age. PrimeVal Puppy Gelatinate ensures that sufficient essential building materials are present during growth for good bone and cartilage development, but also for the construction of strong joint capsules, ligaments and tendons.

Benefits at a glance
- Special composition for the growing puppy
- For good bone and cartilage development
- For (maintaining) flexible joints
- For lubrication of the joints
- Good for the production/building of cartilage (in the joints)
- Supports the production of joint fluid
- Strengthens the bones, ligaments and tendons

Collagen hydrolyzate, minerals, aroma, collagen type II

Analytical constituents: crude protein 97%, crude fiber 0%, crude fat 0%, crude ash 1%.

Nutritional advice:
5-15 kg: 0.5 scoop
15-30 kg: 1 scoop
30-40 kg: 2 scoops
>40 kg: 3 scoops

1 scoop = 7.5 g.

Mix powder into the food. Can be used from 8 weeks of age.

It is recommended to administer Primeval Gelatinate Puppy until the first year of life. You can switch to Primeval Gelatinaat from the age of 1 year.

Contents: 350 grams
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