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Mansonil Dog All Worm Tablets

Mansonil Dog All Worm Tablets

This product is exclusively intended for sale in the Netherlands.

Deworming your dog or cat is important. Worms are an invisible pest and can cause damage to your pet. Worms only show up when the animal is seriously infected. Worms can also be transmitted to humans. Frequent deworming is therefore necessary for the health of humans and animals. Frequent deworming is also important because re-infestation with worms is so common. Mansonil All Worm is a product that kills a very broad spectrum of worms. Mansonil All Worm kills roundworms and tapeworms. This is important because we cannot see with our naked eye which worm the pet is actually infected with. There are many different worms. The treatments with Mansonil All Worm are one-off. So you do not have to administer it again after, for example, a week. Since re-infestation with worms is of course possible, the deworming schedule has been developed by the independent European Scientific Council Companion Animal Parasites.

When to use
For the treatment of mixed infections with roundworms and tapeworms in dogs.

Method of administration
Single, oral administration. The tablets can be administered directly to the dogs or mixed in food. Dietary measures are not necessary.

Usage restriction
Do not combine with piperzine. Pending further trials during the early pregnancy period, it is recommended not to use Mansonil All Worm Dog Flavor during the first half of pregnancy.

1 tablet per 10 kg body weight.

Precautionary measures
Do not store above 25C. Do not store in the refrigerator or freeze.
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