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Acana Heritage Puppy Junior

Acana Heritage Puppy Junior

Acana Heritage Puppy & Junior 11.4 kg
Prepared in our certified kitchens in Canada, Acana Puppy&Junior is rich in locally raised free-range chicken, free-range eggs, wild-caught flatfish, sun-ripened fruits and vegetables – supplied nutrient-rich and from our region's farmers and growers to keep your puppy healthy, strong and happy could be.

Acana Heritage is prepared according to the "whole prey idea": by using muscle meat, organ meat and edible bone, the synthetic additives can be limited to zinc only. All nutrients in Acana Heritage come from natural origin (except zinc), which ensures that the nutrients present are easy to use and consume.

Complete pet food for dogs.

Fresh filleted chicken (16%)*, Dried chicken meat (13%), Dried turkey meat (13%), Red lentils, Whole green peas, Fresh chicken offal (liver, heart and kidney)(6%)*, Chicken fat (6% ), Fresh whole eggs (4%)*, Fresh filleted flatfish (4%)*, Dried herring (3%), Herring oil (3%), Sun-dried alfalfa, Green lentils, Field beans, Whole yellow peas, Pea fibres, Fresh chicken cartilage (2%)*, Dried brown seaweed, Fresh whole pumpkin*, Fresh whole nutmeg pumpkin*, Fresh whole parsnip*, Fresh kale*, Fresh spinach*, Fresh mustard plant leaves*, Fresh turnip greens*, Fresh whole carrots*, Fresh Red Delicious apples*, Fresh Barlett pears*, Freeze-dried chicken liver, Freeze-dried turkey liver, Fresh whole cranberries*, Fresh whole blueberries*, Chicory root, Turmeric, Milk thistle, Burdock root, Lavender, Marshmallow root, Rose hips. *= ingredients FRESH added to the preparation.

Analytical components
Crude Protein 33%
Crude Fat 20%
moisture <10%
Crude Ash 7%
Crude fiber 5%
Calcium 1.5%
Phosphorus 1.1%
Omega-6 2.7%
Omega-3 1.1%
DHA 0.3%
EPA 0.3%
Glucosamine 1400 mg/kg.
Chondoitin 900 mg/kg.

E6 (zinc)
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