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Four-legged friends feel good about themselves

All four-legged friends feel good about themselves

Itching, rash, flakes, irritation, scratching: it is very annoying to see your animal struggling with skin problems. These complaints may be related to hypersensitivity to certain nutrients, but also to allergies or atopy. While allergies often arise from a reaction to fleas, for example, atopy is caused by environmental factors, such as house dust mites, grasses or tree pollen. Because it is often not possible to eliminate these substances completely, targeted tackling of the problem is important.

You can start by soothing the skin with nutritional supplements . The PUUR brand, such as PUUR Cteno, and pure Derma, support the recovery of the skin and offer you cooling and relief with ingredients such as aloe vera, marsh rosemary, goldenrod and nettle. Another ingredient that improves the quality of the skin and coat is biotin: itching, a dull and dry coat and hair loss can be due to a deficiency of biotin, which you can easily supplement with handy tablets such as from the Animal Drugstore.

In addition, ointments can also be useful to support specific affected areas. Vetramil is very popular for this, an ointment made from honey with essential oils that supports natural skin recovery. The enzymes in the honey keep the wound clean, bacteria-free and help accelerate wound recovery. You can also wash with Vetramil, with the Vetramil Derma Shampoo, and rinse wounds with the Vetramil rinsing liquid. This, like the shampoo, has a low PH and ensures a slow release of very small concentrations of hydrogen peroxide that purifies and protects the vulnerable skin.

Other ointments good for irritated skin include Aloe Vera ointment, which repels infections and fungi and has a soothing and moisturizing effect, and Calendula, with antiseptic properties. Tea Tree works against bacteria and fungi and Echinacea stimulates the growth of new tissue and has an anti-inflammatory effect. The Dierendrogist, for example, offers a wide range of ointments based on these types of ingredients.

Another common problem, especially in dogs, is the hotspot. This is a superficial inflammation of the skin that can be recognized as an itchy, moist red spot that appears suddenly and is often licked and bitten. To prevent a deeper bacterial infection, this area must be treated quickly. For example, use PUUR Hotspot or Vet's Best Hot Spot Foam . These remedies use ingredients such as chamomile, aloe vera and collagen to reduce itching and soothe irritation.
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