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Petsnack Beef head skin

Petsnack Beef head skin

Petsnack Beef head skin 4 kg
Petsnack Beef Head Skin 4 kg is a tasty chew snack for dogs, made from 100% beef. Wonderful to give as a reward! Chewing on this tasty snack also helps take care of the teeth and prevents boredom. Beef skin is packed with protein. Protein is an important building material and contributes to muscle recovery and provides support to the immune system.

- Tasty dog ​​snack made from beef
- Chew snack, helps to care for the teeth
- Combats boredom.

Contents: 4 kg

Composition: Dried bovine skin

Analysis: Crude protein 83%, crude fat 3.3%, crude ash 2.4%, crude fiber 0.4%

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