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Biofood 3 In 1 Dog Biscuits Bark & ​​Relax 500 GR

Biofood 3 In 1 Dog Biscuits Bark & ​​Relax 500 GR

BF Petfood 3 In 1 Dog Biscuits Bark & ​​Relax 500 grams
The BF Petfood 3 In 1 Dog Biscuits Bark & ​​Relax 500 grams are gluten-free soothing snacks for dogs that have a relaxing effect on stress, barking, socialization, anxiety, tension and fear. These tasty dog ​​biscuits from BF Petfood (formerly Biofood) are a delicious plant-based biscuit that is also wonderfully soothing. These 3-in-1 biscuits are tasty snacks for dogs of all breeds and all ages. Dogs can bark out of fear, uncertainty or excitement, among other things. Trying to stop barking depends on the situation and can consist of, for example, learning different behavior in response to stimuli or adapting the situation. These cookies contain a unique herbal mix formula of valerian, ginseng, sage, oat straw, passion herb, rosemary and balm leaf, which can provide the necessary support in unlearning barking.
Valerian supports peace of mind in case of stress or a busy environment. Ginseng supports the immune system, vitality and contributes to good resistance. To support the respiratory tract, sage has been added for a soothing, soothing and calming effect. Oat straw supports nervousness and has nourishing and gently calming properties. Passion herb has a soothing, anti-anxiety and relaxing effect in stressful situations. Rosemary works to support skin, digestion, muscles and alertness. Melissa leaf has been added for a calming, harmonizing and relaxing effect, which also supports digestion. In addition to all these delicious ingredients, the fibers contained promote digestion and ensure good intestinal flora and bacteria in the intestine.
Complementary feed for dogs.

- Tasty cookies for all dogs
- Natural tranquilizer
- Helps to unlearn excessive barking
- Supports resistance and respiratory tract
- Gluten free
- Plant based
- Unique spice mix

Contents: 500 grams

Composition: Corn, pea flour, molasses, relax herb mix 5% (of which valerian root 13%, ginseng 13%, sage, oat straw, passion flower 7%, rosemary and balm leaf), rice, vegetable oil, glycerine, carrot

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 7.3%, crude fat 5.1%, crude fiber 2.8%, crude ash 3.5%, moisture 12.5%
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