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Bia Bed Dog Bed Original Square Black

Bia Bed Dog Bed Original Square Black

Bia Bed Dog Basket Square Black Bia-6 100X80X15 cm
The Bia Bed Dog Bed Square Black Bia-6 100X80X15 cm is an original BIA bed with a cover with a nice structure, equipped with a core of high-quality polyether.
Dogs sleep about 12 to 14 hours a day. A good bed is therefore essential for healthy joints and muscles. That makes the BIA bed the perfect bed for your dog! This luxurious dog bed has a core of freon-free polyether class 1, approved for contact with babies and children. The polyether ensures correct weight distribution and prevents the joints of the hand from coming into contact with a hard surface. Polyether also insulates rising cold and further protects the edge against drafts, so that the dog gets up from the basket cheerful and vital. Because the raised edge and the cushion form one whole, the bed is very stable and there is no chance of shifting, so the dog can enjoy its night's sleep in complete safety.
The BIA-Square is equipped with a cover made of artificial leather in a nice pattern of 'squares'. The artificial leather has flat and smooth stitching to prevent pests, such as fleas, from hiding in the artificial leather. The use of artificial leather also reduces the risk of allergies and skin problems.

- Very high-quality dog ​​bed
- With a core of high quality polyether, class 1
- Ensures optimal pressure distribution while sleeping, for healthy joints and muscles
- With a luxurious cover made of artificial leather with a nice pattern
- Prevents pests from settling in the basket due to the smooth and flat stitching seams

Dimensions: Bia-6, 100X80X15 cm

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