Collection: Xatory collection

Are you looking for high-quality products? Search no further! Xatory is the leading brand committed to providing top quality products designed specifically for dogs and owners.

At Xatory, we understand your dog's unique needs. That's why we offer a selection of products that stimulate both your dog's mind and body. Our product line includes:

1. Snuffle mats : Let your dog explore his senses and develop his sniffing skills with our sniffing mats. Hide treats and let your dog use his nose to find them.

2. Lick Mats : Perfect for dogs who love treats! Our lick mats are designed to keep your dog busy while he enjoys his favorite flavors such as kvv and fresh meat.

3. Water blowers : Quickly dry and clean your dog after a splash in the water or a dip in the mud.

4. Dog Balls : From bouncy balls to durable chew toys, we have a wide range of dog balls to meet the needs of your furry friend.

5. Dog Squeaks : Restore the joy to broken toys with our dog squeaks! Give your dog the excitement of a squeaking sound while playing with repaired favorites.

Xatory - where quality and fun come together for your dog.